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Intro :   Founded in 2006, Hosting Central Brand of Cobra Softwares began changing the face of the hosting industry from the start with a set of new standards: offering quality hosting services at a reasonable price. Our dedicated staff ensures that our clients feel respected, satisfied, and cared for at all times.

Although our state-of-the-art hardware and reliable hosting are next to none, it is genuinely our remarkable customer service that sets us apart in a sea of competitors. Speaking of, we have received several awards over the years for our unparalleled customer service.

We promise to set you up for success with industry-leading hosting and support. You can trust in us

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Excellence Guarantee

We guarantee that we will always hold ourselves to a higher level of excellence, to provide you with the amazing experience you deserve. 

99.9999% Uptime Guarantee

Reliability is essential when it comes to hosting your services. We offer a 99.9999% uptime SLA, so you can rest assured your website will always be running seamlessly.

Friendliness Guarantee

We develop our products and services with you in mind, and our team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure you know it.


Enterprise Redundant Network

Our Network Integrates Built-In Safeguards to Ensure You Have a Flawless Hosting Experience


Optimized Routing

Automatic Failover

Multi-Path Redundancy

Multiple layers of redundancy are built in at every level to guarantee higher uptime and increased reliability.

We have taken special care to build numerous fail-safes to ensure that in the event of a failure, your service remains accessible. All of our servers are connected with two access switches, and all switches are connected to multiple core routers. All of our equipment has redundant power supplies and separate power feeds.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our enterprise-grade data centers and hardware provide the foundation for our high-quality hosting platform.

We value our clients, so we provide them with only the best by using enterprise-grade equipment to manage our network. We house our servers in the most secure and advanced facilities and offer multiple locations so our clients can enjoy the lowest latency.

Automatic Network Failover

Resolving pathway failures instantly with automatic rerouting.

We are adamant about keeping your service consistently available. We utilize several upstream providers, and our facilities are located in major interconnection hubs. We use several automatic failover resolutions for everything from upstream provider rerouting to redundant switches and redundant core network routers.

Blazing Fast Hosting Speeds

Providing a Seamless Experience with Amazing Performance and Incredible Connection Speeds.

Greater Stability

Faster Transfer Speeds

No Delays

Increased Security

Speed and Reliability as a Priority

Experience unprecedented speeds and hosting you can trust with HostingCentral.

Our speed is unparalleled in the hosting industry! We understand the importance of speed when it comes to web hosting, and have made this a top priority. Each of our services is provisioned with a 1Gbps redundant network connection, connected through several Tier 1 upstream providers.

Hosting Central has tailored every one of our services with performance in mind. We provide our clients with a fantastic hosting experience by offering remarkably fast network speeds.

Designed with Speed in Mind

Every facet of Hostwinds infrastructure is designed and tailored with speed and security in mind.

  SSD Drives

 By utilizing solid state drives with rapid read and write speeds, we can offer faster-performing servers to host your site's important information. This results in a seamless experience for your visitors.

  Cloudflare's CDN

We have partnered with Cloudflare to provide all of our clients easy access to Cloudflare's CDN. Cloudflare reduces the distance between your visitors and your server, resulting in faster load times.

  Latest Versions of PHP

We always make sure all of our environments have access to the latest versions of PHP. 

 Route Optimized Networking

 We ensure the fastest route to your service is always selected by regularly scanning our outbound network paths and choosing the most optimal upstream path to route your traffic.

   Litespeed Webserver

Our Business Hosting servers perform optimally while remaining secure and scalable because we utilize Litespeed. It utilizes fewer resources and offers greater speeds.


  Constant Monitoring

Hosting Central provides the best, most reliable services because we continuously monitor every aspect of our network and infrastructure, resolving issues immediately and expediently.

Commitment to Uptime

Hosting Central Guarantees 99.9999% Uptime so Your Service is Always Accessible!

Effective Redundancy

Ultimate Security


Friendliness Guarantee

Trust in Host Central to Keep Your Site Online

 We're so confident that your service will always be online, we offer a 99.9999% Uptime Guarantee.

Hosting Central continuously monitors all aspects of our infrastructure and employs thorough redundancy at every level. All this ensures that your service is always available.

Rest assured your site will be ready to greet any visitor at any time as a result of our 99.9999% guarantee.

Designed with Speed in Mind

Our team takes special measures to maintain our 99.9999% uptime guarantee.


We utilize a redundant array of independent enterprise disks to store your important data safely.



 We employ redundant cooling systems to maintain smooth machine functionality constantly.

 A + B Network


 We provide redundant networking to enhance your site's performance and reliability.

  Redudant Power


We wire our servers with multiple power sources to make sure that your website always stays online.

Free Website Transfers

Moving Doesn't Have to be Hard. Let Our Migration Experts Move Your Websites for You!

Making the Switch Easy!

Sit back and relax as we handle everything for you.

Hosting Central offers complimentary website transfers upon request. From file uploading to database transfers, our migration procedures guarantee fast, efficient, and no-risk results. We understand the ins and outs of transferring websites, so rest assured your site is in good hands.

When we migrate your website, our team of experts takes extensive measures to make sure it is working correctly on your new server. Additionally, we have developed safeguards to ensure all of your files are protected as we transfer your site.

How it Works

Step #1

Simply submit a ticket providing us with all of the pertinent information that we need to transfer your website.Magnifying Glass and Website

Step #2

Our support experts analyze and develop your unique migration plan. Once designed, they begin the migration for you.Website and Microscope and Vial of Liquid

 Step #3 

After our QA Team reviews the migrated content, you will then do the same. We strive to exceed your expectations.

Smooth and Simple Site Transfers

Here at Hosting Central, we provide our clients with the most dependable hosting services in the industry. Our complimentary website transfers are no exception.

  All Files Transferred

As our team migrates your site, we transfer all of your files regardless of their size or number.

  No Downtime
We take appropriate precautions to ensure that your website stays online as it is being transferred.


  Databases Transferred

Our team carefully transfers all of your databases so your important information will stay on your site.

Web Application Server Templates

Set Up a Custom Cloud Server Pre-Installed with Your Preferred Web Application

Cloud Server Templates 

Create a cloud server pre-built with a custom template from our constantly-expanding application library


WordPress makes creating a customized and fully responsive website easier and more convenient. No coding necessary!


Start building your Minecraft world instantly! Our Minecraft Templates come pre-installed and configured, ready to play!


Track and analyze all your marketing campaigns with ease with your Hosting Central CPVLab cloud server.

Prosper 202

Tracking clicks and conversions for your marketing campaigns has never been easier with Prosper202.


Build your community using vBulletin. Create user profiles, polls, and more within your vBulletin discussion forum.


We provide you with all the tools you need to build and manage a successful eCommerce store.

Hosting Central Data Centers

Hosting Central operates in three data centers. Allowing us to provide our clients with disaster recovery options. If need be, clients can also geographically load balance traffic between locations.

Our facilities are SAS Type II, audited, Tier 4 Data centers.

ABT Infotech, Pollachi

Paya Ubi, Singapore

Dallas, USA

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