The Jmol open-source Java viewer for chemical 3D structures is an example of a software application that may be used in the field of chemical informatics.

Chemical informatics (more commonly known as chemoinformatics and cheminformatics) is the use of computer and informational techniques applied to a range of problems in the field of chemistry. While the field has roughly been around around since the 1990s, the rise in high-throughput screening (a scientific experimentation method primarily used in drug discovery) and combinatorial chemistry (a method of synthesizing a large number of compounds in a single process), as well as increases in computing power and data storage sizes, have increased interest in the field in the twenty-first century.

Outside of pharmaceutical research, other applications of chemical informatics include the area of topology, chemical graph theory, and mining the chemical space. It can also be applied to data analysis for the paper, pulp, and dye industries.

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